Blah – Cartoon Strip

  • The Story of Blah (7/21/2017)

    Blah is the protagonist.

    She finds normal life blah, and has no interest in the trite, stupid, mundane ways of people. She finds most people boring and stupid. She craves creativity, adventure of the spirit, lively, meaningful conversations. She is seeking a deeper meaning to Life, beyond the ordinary. She is a struggling Marketer. She is the queen of sarcasm.

    Blah has a cat called Cannon

    She bolts at all curious objects and is generally moody and not much of a listener. Blah often wonders if Cannon has a more happening life than her.

    Blah has a dog called Mojo

    Mojo is her buddy. He is always happy, excited and there for her, no matter how cranky or sad she is.

    Blah has a friend called Trink

    She is her friend, and the only sensible girl around. She offers her good advice and gets her out of her self doubt many times. She is a strong pillar of support through her ups & downs.

    Blah is occasionally talked to by a dumb girl called Densey Gape


    She is dense and often has a vapid gape on her face. She is overall stupid, slutty, has no real desires or dreams in Life. She is a stereotypical American girl who has no real talent and flirts with everything that talks. She is a makeup box – you can never see her without makeup. Blah often shortens her name to “Dense” and Densey Gape doesn’t realize that she is being called stupid, because she is exceptionally stupid and her vocabulary is almost zero, limited to American slang.

    Blah is occasionally talked to by a dumb guy called Doink


    He is an insufferable know it all, CEO of IDKWID (I Don’t Know What I’m Doing). He always tries to put others down, Overall Asshole. Always tries to show off & give dumb advice.

    Blah has a best friend called Blue


    Blue is overall smart & sensitive. Has a small business of machine parts. Has a refined character, and makes her question some of her beliefs. He is there for her through all her ups & downs. The only one (Other than Trink) who she occasionally opens up with, and who can see the occasional chinks in her armour. His one flaw is giving advice when not needed and getting too technical & analytics about simple things & squeezing out the art & creativity from Blah’s thought processes & often gets blasted for it.¬†She secretly likes him but it’s a secret and it’s never said so explicitly. Only Mojo & Cannon know, and Cannon wasn’t really listening when she was told about it so doesn’t really count. She denies this anytime it comes up and both are always left guessing about where the other is.

  • I’m a Markter, So… (7/21/2017)

    Blah #4-21July

  • What I Hate the Most About People (7/21/2017)

    Blah #3-21July

  • My Will Went for a Walk (7/21/2017)

    Blah #2-21July-1Blah #2-21July-2

  • ‘BAE’ Is Dutch for Poop (4/14/2017)

    Blah #1-1Blah #1-2

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